Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TUESDAY BOUNS: New Hampshire Wildcats (2014), and a Correction

Another 2014 uniform, this from the New Hampshire Wildcats. As is the case with Maine, there was really nothing wrong with last year’s look, but a change was made anyway. I’ve never been a fan of uniforms where the helmet, jersey and pants are three different colors. Blue (home) or silver (home and road) pants, which UNH used last year, would make the current uniform look more streamlined. 

And now a correction: When I originally posted the 2010-13 UNH uniform, I made one big mistake … The UNH logo was facing right, while the uniform was facing left. The Wildcat logo, of course, always faces front-ward, which in the template I use, means left. Because I don’t have a good quality UNH logo that faces left, I’ve decided to keep the right-facing logo as is and make the rest of the uniform face right. If I ever get a good copy of a left-facing logo, I’ll “flip” the uniform back. The corrected version is below.

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