Saturday, June 25, 2016

UConn Huskies (1951)

This uniform is about as generic as it gets -- all navy at home, a white shirt and all-navy pants on the road. Luckily, there's a white stripe down the front to break up the monotony. Actually, this uni resembles Maine from this era, only without the kick-arse winged helmet. Or a reverse-image Penn State.

This was the Huskies' last uniform before they spiced it up with gold pants, a look they used well into the 1960s.

UConn chases a Maine runner in 1951 in a pic from the Nutmeg yearbook.
It's a good thing Maine's unis have the striped helmets and jerseys, or I'd still
be trying to figure out which team is which.
More Husky action.
Actually, UConn was 4-4 in 1951,
but "A .500 SEASON" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

UConn had some far more exciting-looking uniforms in 1940s, which we'll have to delve into eventually (patience ...).

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rhode Island Rams (2003-07)

Busy, busy, busy would be the words to best describe Rhode Island's mid-Aughties uniform. A double outline on the numbers, a funky pattern for collar and sleeve trim, and logo AND a word mark below the collar, manufacturer AND league logos on the front, side panels ... I think I see the Dead Sea Scrolls in there somewhere. This might be the busiest jersey in our little project. At least Rhody didn't mess with the rams' horns.

Thankfully, the Rams' subsequent uniforms have kept it pretty simple. 

Two AP photos of Rhody in action in 2007. I prefer the all-white combo.
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Princeton Tigers (1955)

This Princeton model from '55 is one of the more unusual one-year wonders in our little project. With formation of formal Ivy League play in the mid-50s, the Ivy lords ruled that all teams must have white road jerseys in addition to the colored home shirts, which meant that tradition-rich teams like Harvard, Yale and Princeton now had to succumb to modern realities. 

Princeton's first road shirt, which was worn for games at Cornell and Harvard, was a left turn from the traditional tiger-striped home shirt. The numbers were bright orange, and the tiger stripes were ditched in favor of shoulder stripes, which were becoming the rage around this time. Also note the matching socks; unusual, because the Tigers didn't wear socks with the home unis during this period. These guys look more like Oregon State than Princeton.

No, that's not Oregon State -- that's Princeton in action against Cornell in 1955.
Daily Princetonian pic.

In addition to resisting road jerseys, Princeton also resisted modern strategy:
The Tigers employed the single-wing well into the 1960s.

Thankfully, a more proper road shirt was introduced for '56, with the tiger stripes restored, and peace and harmony ruled throughout the land. OK, maybe not.

I ran this '55 pic already with a Columbia post, but it's too cool not to run again.

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