Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UConn Huskies (1984-88)

This is the later version of UConn's basic 1977-88 uniform style: White helmet with royal script "UConn" on the sides, royal-and-white jersey with three sleeve stripes and white pants. Early versions had no names on the jerseys and red-and-blue trim on the pants, but in '84, names were added and the red trim was removed.

UConn rumbles past Maine in this image from the 1985 Nutmeg.
We'll be discussing those Maine unis soon.

By 1987, the players were mostly wearing low-cut socks, which were making a comeback after a period when college teams followed the NFL's lead and wore proper, "formal" socks, often with stripes.

The 1987 Huskies, with low-cut socks.

I still find it odd that UConn fiddled around for decades with what shade of blue to use: light blue, royal blue and navy have all been worn, and red trim comes and goes like the tide. In 1989, navy was used as the primary color for the first time since 1967, and that's what has been used since. The 1989-93 uniform more or less mirrored the one you see here, only with the color change.

UConn takes on Delaware in this image from the 1988 Nutmeg yearbook.

No. 14 is quarterback Matt DeGennaro, who was the Yankee Conference offensive player of the year in 1988 and is second behind future NFLer Dan Orlovsky on most of the Huskies' career passing lists. Not too shabby, considering he played 25 years ago. This Hartford Courant article from 2004 noted he's likely the Huskies' best player from the pre-FBS era.

UConn's Matt DeGennaro in action in another Nutmeg pic.

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