Thursday, December 29, 2016

Harvard (2016), Holy Cross (2016), Maine (2016)

Let's continue 2016 in review ...

Harvard (7-3, 5-2 and an uncharacteristic third in the Ivy League) wore the crimson pants, introduced in 2015, exclusively until the season finale against Yale, when the traditional tan pants prevailed. I know tan isn't an official Harvard color, but tan pants scream Harvard football in a way the crimson pants don't -- even if Harvard's nickname is the Crimson.

Holy Cross (4-7 overall, 2-4 Patriot League) made some minor modifications, including the addition of an "HC" shield on the sleeves. The Crusaders might have made the most out-of-left-field addition among the teams in our little survey -- a black matte helmet with a reflecting "HC" logo. Worn with an all-purple uniform, the combo made as much sense as some of those mix-and-match combos in Madden (a vintage Patriots helmet with the current uniform, etc.). The special logo for the Yankee Stadium game against Fordham, however, was creative and classy. 

Maine (6-5 overall, 5-3 CAA) unveiled its third helmet in two seasons, as it switched to a rather busy design with the full logo on the sides -- the first time the Black Bears have ever put the bear on the helmet. The jersey and pants remained unchanged from 2015.

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