Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Boston College Eagles (2013, 1984)

When Tom O’Brien was the coach (1997-2006), I thought Boston College was the model college football program: National rankings, high-profile players (Matt Ryan, Mathias Kiwanuka, etc.), bowl games, high graduation rates, no scandals … what’s not to like? The Eagles lost their way for a while after O'Brien left, but second-year coach Steve Addazio appears to have them back on track, as they reached a bowl game for the first time in three years in 2013 and even came up with a dark-horse Heisman Trophy candidate (Andre Williams).
Notes ’n stuff on BC’s uniforms:
* The gold helmets, crimson shirts and gold pants were first used in 1939, when Frank Leahy became coach and turned the Eagles into a powerhouse for two seasons before he left The Heights for Notre Dame.
* The jerseys and pants have become progressively darker since the 1960s, when they almost looked like USC (check out the 1960s yearbooks for further proof).
* Alternate pants (crimson, white) used since 2000. Gold alternate jersey and Under Armour “Wounded Warrior” red-white-and-blue uniform used in 2012.
* Names were first used in 1974, removed by coach Tom Coughlin in 1991, restored by O’Brien in 2001 and removed again in 2013 when Addazio took over.
* No logo has ever appeared on the helmets. Numbers were used for a few years from late 50s-early 60s and again on the Wounded Warrior uni.
* Under Armour has manufactured the uniforms since 2010.
You can go “under the tower” and check out “Sub Turri,” the BC yearbook, here. The 1985 edition is pretty much one giant Flutie-fest. I approve. 
The 2013 Boston College uniform (above) kept it pretty simple. The white jersey/red pants combo was used only once, and there were no alternate jerseys after the Eagles used two in 2012. I know the Eagles wore a patch for their bowl game; I’ll get to it eventually. :)

For the “classic” look, we’ll go back to the glory days of Dan Henning and the gambling scandal … just kidding. 1984. Doug Flutie. You know the rest. Weird how the white jerseys came with and without sleeve numbers. As with Rhode Island and UConn during this time period, some (not all) of the jerseys and pants had the Champion logo on them. I need to add a white jersey with the Cotton Bowl logo on the shoulders.

Up next: the UConn Huskies.

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