Friday, August 22, 2014

UConn Huskies (2013, 1970)

Long known for its basketball prowess, The University of Connecticut’s football team had a pretty successful run in the Yankee/Atlantic 10 Conference before making the leap to the Football Bowl Subdivision in 2000. The Huskies’ meteoric rise in the Big East under coach Randy Edsall culminated in a trip to the Fiesta Bowl after the 2009 season. The Huskies fell on hard times after Edsall bolted for Maryland, but they hope a new coach (Bob Diaco) will get them back on track in 2014.
Notes about UConn’s unis:
  • UConn may lead this project in total uniform styles. The Huskies can never find a look to satisfy them. It’s only because UConn’s yearbooks are online that I’ve been able to document their ever-changing look.
  • The Huskies seemed to make radical overhauls almost every year from 1963-77 and again from 1999-2004. If you didn’t like a uniform, sit tight; UConn would likely change it next year.
  • Team colors have changed frequently. Gold pants were used from about 1953-63. Red was used on and off from 1971-2001 and reintroduced in 2013. Royal blue replaced navy blue from 1968-88. Silver trim was used from 2002-08.
  • UConn used eight helmet designs from 1961-68, including one that was blue on one side and white on the other. And you thought the current helmets were out there.
  • The latest overhaul was last year, as part of a school-wide rebranding that also coincided with the Big East morphing into the American Athletic Conference. UConn wore eight styles in 12 games.
Check out the Nutmeg, UConn’s yearbook, here. This has nothing to do with nothing, but the Huskies’ 1970s yearbooks take irreverence to a whole new level.
The 2013 UConn uniforms (shown above) deserve points for originality, that’s for sure. Those helmets look so … naked from the side, however. They need a uniform number or a “C” or something.

Our throwback uniform takes us to 1970, when the Huskies won the Yankee Conference title despite a 4-4-2 overall mark (they went 4-0-1 in the league and 0-4-1 in nonleague contests). The Chicago Bears-style wishbone-“C” with the football stitches is probably one of those logos fans think is either really clever or really dumb (I vote with the former). It appeared on their helmets and/or jerseys from 1968-76.
But check out this pic from the 1971 Nutmeg below: Some of the logos were affixed upside-down! Of course, I had to add them here.

Next, we complete our run of FBS schools with the newbie, UMass.

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