Monday, February 1, 2016

Delaware Blue Hens (1997-2003)

Sometimes, it's the team that makes a uniform special. Occasionally, it's the uniform that makes a team special. With Delaware, it's the best of both worlds, like pulled pork and nachos.

Delaware's 1997-2003 uniform isn't too different than anything else the Blue Hens wore before 2004, but there were a couple big highlights during the time period:

1) In 2001, Delaware coach Tubby Raymond collected his 300th (and final, a la Lefty Grove) victory as head coach;
2) In '03, the Hens won their first NCAA I-AA (FCS) national title -- and sixth overall when you add the boatload of Division II titles from the 70s.

In '04, Delaware went to curved numbers after a switch in manufacturers (to Nike from Wilson), and the era of a classic uniform that launched in 1951 came to a partial close (after all, the winged helmet remains to this day).

The Delaware Blue Hens celebrate Tubby Raymond's 300th coaching win
in 2001. Am I the only one who thinks Tubby looks like Lee Corso?
Other notes about the late-90s/early-aughties Hens' uni:

1) The Wilson manufacturers' logo on the jersey kept changing/moving, which made for some consistent inconsistency;
2) A black band was worn above the A-10 logo on the 2001 home jersey after the 9/11 attacks.

Delaware QB Andy Hall faces off against The Citadel (must remember to capitalize the "the") in 2003
on his way to the I-AA/FCS title. He was a Georgia Tech transfer and married a Tech cheerleader.
Remind me to be a quarterback in my next life.
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