Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dartmouth Big Green (1957-61)

Last fall, Dartmouth won its 18th Ivy League title. This is what the Big Green wore when it won its first Ancient Eight title in 1958.

The home shirts retained the rather conventional look of Bob Blackman's first two years as coach (1955-56), but the roads threw a bit of a curveball (yeah, this is football, but work with me), with horizontal stripes on the shirt and numbers that bear a resemblance to UCLA ... or Wheel of Fortune. Dartmouth went 7-2 overall, 6-1 Ivy, with the losses coming to Holy Cross and Harvard. (Jeez, even then the Crimson was a tough out ... oops, there's another baseball reference.) Halfback and future head coach Jake Crouthamel and guard Al Krutsch were named all-Ivy.

All-Ivy guard (and captain) Al Krutsch in a 1958 program.
Sadly, this is not my copy; this came from an eBay listing.

You can see team photos of every Dartmouth title team here.

Some other unis from the Green Machine: 201420132005-062003-041978-8619701955-561951-54, 19441936-38. Rivalry week: Dartmouth-Princeton.

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