Friday, February 6, 2015

Cornell Big Red (1999-2001)

From 1990 to about 2005-ish, Cornell's uniforms were pretty basic: Plain red jersey, white numbers with a black outline at home; and white with red numbers and a black outline on the road, all with white pants. But every few years, the Big Red made a few tweaks here and there. 

Here's the turn-of-the-century result of said tweaking, which featured the introduction of a "CORNELL" wordmark just below the collar (wordmarks were just starting to take off at the FCS level at this point). Notice the traditional socks with white bottoms; most college teams had ditched formal matching socks by this time.

A while back, we took a drive-by at the 1994 uniform; feel free to compare.

A Cornell program from 2000, featuring the home uniform ...

... and one from '02 showcasing the '01 roads.

In 2002, the Big Red hopped onto the drop-shadow number bandwagon for a few years, and by 2005 had added shoulder stripes, which they've had ever since -- with a few tweaks here and there, of course.

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