Friday, February 20, 2015

Northeastern Huskies (1989-90)

We wrap up our week of blasé uniforms with my choice for the most blah uniform in this project: the turn-of-the-decade Northeastern Huskies, with plain black helmets, black jerseys that look more at home at practice or in a football scene from a low-budget film and gray pants. They kinda look like the 1990s Atlanta Falcons, minus the logos. The team itself wasn't much better, going 4-17 over two seasons. 

A 1990 Northeastern sked.

In 1991, longtime Boston College fixture Barry Gallup took over as coach and overhauled the uniforms, adding a paw print to the helmets and putting "NORTHEASTERN" in big letters across the jersey front. The jerseys changed many times, but the school name on the shirt was a mainstay (except for the mid-90s), until the program's demise in 2009.

Two pictures of Huskies in front of a gaggle of fans, from the 1991 Caudron yearbook.
The '90 edition, instead of spinning the Huskies' 3-7 1989 season into something positive,
 as yearbooks were wont to do, instead called for the coach
to be fired. It happened, but not for another year.

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