Monday, May 4, 2015

Holy Cross Crusaders (1972)

From the 1973 Purple Patcher yearbook.
Well, let's open that small box and see what we find inside. That's the beauty of the Internet; people who are very passionate about the most obscure things.

That said, Holy Cross' 5-4-1 record in 1972 was something of a minor miracle, coming just three years after the lost hepatitis season and two years after a winless debacle. The Crusaders achieved their first winning record since 1966 (and last until 1978).

Holy Cross running back Joe Wilson in 1972. Wilson ran for 885 yards
and was an honorable mention All-American.
The 1973 Purple Patcher yearbook credits the turnaround to a renewed emphasis on athletics, including a complete reorganization of athletic department. (After the hepatitis-truncated '69 season, there was a movement on campus to drop football altogether; it didn't happen, but budget cuts were made, according to articles in The Crusader newspaper.)

Defensive back John Provost in the '72 roads. Provost made nine interceptions
in only 10 games and was a third-team All-American. That's not a lower-tier All-American;
that's with the big boys from Texas and Alabama and Notre Dame.
The only change from the 1971 uniform to '72 were the helmets, which were white (a first, I believe) and a modified version of the classic "HC" logo returned.

Joe Wilson again, this time on the road at Army.
Six of the Crusaders' 10 opponents in '72 are now FBS teams.

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