Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yale Bulldogs (1965)

Nineteen sixty-five was a significant year at Yale for a couple reasons: 

1) Carm Cozza began his 32-year reign as the Bulldogs' coach;
2) It was the last year Yale's helmets lacked the trademark "Y," introduced in '66.

The rest of the uniform looked pretty Yale-ish, missing only the sleeve numbers. The helmets, however, bore numbers a year after using a teeny-tiny bulldog logo. Yale's helmets also had numbers from the 1950s through 1963.

Cozza's coaching career got off to a dubious debut, as Yale lost to UConn for the first time in history -- this was back when Yankee Conference teams were regularly blood-sacrificed to the Ivies. (My, how times changed: UConn won 14 of the last 16 games before the series was given a mercy-killing in 1998, when the Huskies were preparing to join Division I-A/FBS.) The Bulldogs had losing records in '65 and '66, but won the first of Cozza's 10 Ivy League titles in '67.

Yale loses to UConn, back when that was a big deal.
Can you imagine Yale beating UConn in anything these days? Oh, wait ....

The '65 Bulldogs' road uniform.
These are both from the Yale Daily News.

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