Monday, May 11, 2015

Columbia Lions (1965-67)

The Columbia home jerseys of 1965-67 bore a passing resemblance to a certain other New York City-based team. While the Jets were slowly soaring up the AFL standings, the Lions were grounding to a halt with three straight 2-7 seasons, ending the coaching reign of Buff Donelli, who guided the Lions to their first (and only) Ivy League title in 1961.

Columbia takes on Dartmouth in 1965, a year when the Lions - and everyone else -
were crushed by the Big Green. Columbia Daily Spectator photo. Wonder why the helmet
numbers are so spaced out?

In '65, Columbia wore an alternate jersey that was the primary shirt from 1962-64. The white roads, added in 1966 (Columbia went several years with no white jerseys) were completely different in style to the homes, although the Lions were hardly alone in this regard during this time period.

A nice close-up of the 1966 jerseys. Not sure if this from the Spectator
or an eBay listing, but it's still a neat photo.
In '66, the helmets took their cue from another pro team, as Columbia used the Detroit Lions' logo on and off well into the 1980s.

The '67 home uniform. ...

... and the '67 roads, with blue pants and striped socks.
In 1968, Frank Navarro became coach and the uniforms underwent another makeover.

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