Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fairfield Stags (2002)

Despite its relatively recent history, Fairfield is not the easiest team to research, perhaps because it pulled the plug just before anything and everything became digitized for posterity. It also doesn't help that the Stags' gridiron existence was only seven years (1996-2002) and it's likely few remember -- or care -- that Fairfield ever had a team.

Fans look on during Fairfield's final football season.
From the Manor yearbook.

So at long last, here's Fairfield uniform from the last season, when it went 5-6 and folded its tent anyway. The school overhauled its logos in '02, which is reflected in the helmets. Everything else remained the same, except for the removal of the MAAC patch on the shirts -- perhaps the equipment manager knew something was up?

A close-up of the final Fairfield helmet.
I ran this in my original post on Fairfield,
but here it is again.

You can find my only other post on Fairfield here.

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