Wednesday, December 23, 2015

UConn Huskies (1965)

Earlier, we looked at the rather unique uniform the UConn Huskies employed in 2002. But that doesn't hold an arc light to what they trotted out in 1965.

The jerseys are more or less conventional, although the curved numbers are different. (Other teams, like Navy and Vermont, used that font or something quite similar, though). The helmets, however, are bizarre even by today's standards (shudder) -- blue on one side, white on the other and a gold stripe down the middle. Who knows what the idea behind that one was; I'm sure an explanation is buried in some old, dusty newspaper microfilm. The only helmet since that could be considered even a distant descendant would be the current Jacksonville Jaguars' helmet.

The '65 UConn Huskies in action, from the Nutmeg yearbook. 

The '64 helmets were identical to the blue half, but used throughout. The logo looks like a prototype of the 1970s design, only with a thicker "C" and no stitches in the middle.

Honestly, I'm surprised no one's used this helmet style today, especially in an age of pretentious black-on-black helmets and other styles used to recruit teenagers who are into shiny objects. At the very least, it would make an awesome throwback.

Photos from the Yale win; a huge deal then,
as hard as it is to believe 50 years later.

The '65 Huskies were only 3-6, but the season was highlighted by their first-ever victory over Yale, which was a huge deal after years of drubbings from the Bulldogs. Today, of course, a Yale victory over UConn would be an even bigger upset. How times have changed. ... In a fun bit of trivia, the Huskies had as many wins (3) as future NFL head coaches on the staff (see pic below).

The '65 Huskies coaching staff, with THREE future NFL coaches: Sam Rutigliano (Browns),
Lou Holtz (Jets) and Rick Forzano (Lions). Holtz, of course, is much better known as
a national-championship-winning college coach and Mark May's sparring partner on ESPN.

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Johnathan, pre nose-job, apparantly. The cheerleader has that
"please don't look directly at me" look on her face.

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