Thursday, December 3, 2015

Harvard Crimson (1950-52)

In the late 1940s, Harvard experimented with black helmets and pants, which didn't go well aesthetically or on the field (1-8 in '49). In '50, the Crimson, under new coach Lloyd Jordan, returned to traditional crimson helmets and tan pants. Maybe it was the uniforms (OK, it was more likely the coach), but Harvard improved from 1-8 in '50 to 3-5-1 in '51 to 5-4 in '52.

With common sense and traditional uniforms restored,
Harvard battles Dartmouth in 1950. This pic is from the incredible
Digital Commonwealth site, guaranteed to decrease your productivity at work.

Harvard continued to wear Red Sox-style numbers during this period, but switched to a more football-ish font in '53. As much I love the unique number font employed by the Sawx, it just doesn't lend itself to football -- too thin and wide. On the other hand, I would't be shocked if the Sox started marketing a football jersey ...

Havard faces Cornell in 1950. Insert Big Lebowski reference here.

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