Monday, March 9, 2015

Dartmouth Big Green (1936-38)

This is the uniform Dartmouth wore during one of the most successful eras in Big Green history, which is saying something when you look at the team's history. Dartmouth went on a 19-0-3 run during this period, went undefeated in 1937 (7-0-2) and boasted the school's only Heisman Trophy candidate, running back Bob MacLeod, who you can read more about here. The ESPN College Football Encyclopedia (in my meager opinion, one of the five best sports books ever) named MacLeod the greatest player in Dartmouth history.

Bob MacLeod (No. 53; you don't see that number on a running back these days)
takes on Columbia in 1937. The B/W pics here are from eBay listings.

The helmet with gold panels and six green stripes was first introduced in 1934, the year Earl "Red" Blaik -- later the coach of Army's 1940s uber-juggernaut -- became Dartmouth coach. Numbers were added to the jersey front in '36. In 1939, the gray helmet with four stripes was introduced and, with only a few modifications, was worn by Dartmouth through 1954.

Dartmouth and Princeton duke it out n 1937.
Those Tiger unis are pretty sweet.

I touched upon this uniform last fall when writing about the Big Green's uniform history here. And hey, you can see clips of the '38 Big Green in action here.

Dartmouth and Cornell in glorious color (1938).
A screen grab from the above link.
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