Monday, October 10, 2016

Delaware Blue Hens (1950)

Apologies for the lack of updates lately -- I've been busy filling In the blanks as I try to complete the history of every team in this project going back to 1950. And speaking of 1950 ...

So, what did Delaware look like before it looked like Delaware? You know, before the Blue Hens adopted the winged Michigan-style helmets that they use to this day?

In 1950, the last year before the great changeover, Delaware wore plain yellow and/or gold helmets with white jerseys and gold pants. It appears that for night games, the Hens wore shinier helmets that were closer to a true gold than yellow and appear to have used a plastic shell, compared with the leather versions that Delaware used well into the 1960s.

Two images from the 1951 Blue Hen yearbook from 1950, the last year
before Delaware adopted the winged helmet. Note the shinier gold helmet
on the left used for night games.

In 1951, Delaware hired David Nelson away from Maine as its head coach. Nelson brought his famed Wing-T offense -- and the winged helmets, both of which he introduced during his two-year stint with the Black Bears.

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