Friday, September 30, 2016

Brown Bears (1972, 78)

Here are a couple odd one-year styles from Brown that share common traits -- they both use teeny-tiny helmet logos despite wearing blank helmets the rest of the decade (OK, until 1979). The logos are so small, they could almost pass off as dirt marks after a muddy Saturday afternoon at Brown Stadium.

Plenty of celebrating in 1972. Actually, Brown won only one
game that year, against Penn. If you look closely, you can see the
logo on No. 7 on the left. 

The 1972 version has a bear face over a bizarre-looking "B" that looks more at home on a minor-league hockey jersey. This was the last year Brown used gold as a helmet color before switching to silver in '73, which leads us to ...

The other tiny Brown logo, in action against Rhody in '78.
From URI's Renaissance yearbook. Or was it still called the Grist?
I can't keep track.

This stylized grizzly from '78. This logo was used elsewhere, such as in media guides, but was used on helmets for one year only. Two things about this Bruin: 1) It's not very good-looking; 2) Something this detailed needs to be bigger than a thumbprint.

Perhaps Brown felt the same way; in '79 the bear was jettisoned for an arced, serif "BROWN."

The old Brown logo, taken from a Dartmouth media guide.
The head is nice, but the rest looks, well, awkward.
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