Friday, January 9, 2015

Cornell Big Red (1965)

This is a one-year style worn by Cornell, touched upon here back in November. The jerseys lasted only one more year, while the plain white helmets, worn since 62, were replaced by this funky style for 1966 only. The white jersey with the red shoulder stripes, used in previous seasons, was revived for the Dartmouth game in '65.

In addition to being the style worn for the next-to-last Thanksgiving game against Penn, the uniform was also worn for one of the Ivy League's wackier moments. Against Princeton and ace kicker Charlie Gogolak, two Big Red defensive backs stacked themselves on top of two defensive tackles in hopes of blocking one of Gogolak's boots. (Dartmouth had tried something similar earlier that season, with a player scaling a teammate's back to get a running start on a potential block.) The trick didn't work -- Gogolak made field goals of 54 and 44 yards, although Princeton won, 36-26.

The caption speaks for itself. From the Daily Princetonian.

After the season, the NCAA rules committee closed the loopholes. 

Another shot of Cornell's stack formation. This is from The Football Hall of Shame,
a dumb title, but a funny book from my youth.

A UPI photographer at the game talks about his experience here.

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