Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yale Bulldogs (1974-77)

Much like its ancient rival, Harvard, Yale's uniform changes are subtle to the point it takes a keen eye to spot the differences. In the case of this Yale uniform, it's the striped socks that make said difference. And then in the socks, there are differences -- some stripes are thicker than others.

The striped socks were worn from 1973-80. In '73, Yale wore a unique "101" decal on the helmet (for 101 years of football at Yale; the year before, the Bulldogs wore a "100" decal); in '78, there was a one-year logo tweak and in '79 the number font changed see what I mean about those pesky subtle differences?). As time went on, white shoes began to dominate.

Yale visits Penn in 1976, from the Yale Daily News.
Note how the socks on No. 40 are thicker than those on No. 22.
I know I'll sleep better after knowing this.
Another shot of Yale's mismatched socks, from 1975.
Really, this photo is kind of an excuse to get in Dartmouth's Nick Lowery,
who had a long and proficient NFL career, mostly with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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