Friday, January 23, 2015

Vermont Catamounts (1968-69)

For most of the 1960s, Vermont actually had a pretty consistent look in between periods of instability. White helmets with a catamount logo, green jerseys and gold/yellow pants were the order of the decade.

In 1968, Vermont stuck a small gold "V" behind the cat logo, which debuted in 1962. The jerseys, first used in 1965 (at least for the homes; I have no record of what UVM wore on the road in 1965-66) had a "V" on the sleeves. But while the home shirts had no sleeve or shoulder numbers, the roads had numbers that weren't quite on the shoulders, but not quite on the sleeves, either. Yale had something similar in the early 1970s, as did the Pittsburgh Steelers during their 70s dynasty years.

Lining up for the kickoff in 1968, with a little overlap from the team photo.
From the '69 Ariel yearbook.

A really good close-up of the '68 home uniform.

Another nice shot of the home uniform.
Boy, those 1960s players are tiny compared with today.

In 1969, UVM made two small changes: the striping on the pants switched to something akin to the Green Bay Packers, and a small "100" decal was added to the back of the helmet for college football's 100th anniversary. The folks at Helmet Hut depict it as blue with red trim, so that's what I'm going with here.

Speaking of Helmet Hut, you can can read tons more about the late-60s Catamounts here. Good stuff.

This shot's not much, but it's the best one I could find of the
1969 helmet with the "100" decal on the back. Look carefully
and you can find it on the back of the helmet.
From the '70 Ariel.

In 1970, Vermont changed coaches and also switched to gold/yellow helmets, and white pants debuted in mid-season.

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