Monday, July 6, 2015

Brown Bears (2001-03)

Previously, we looked at Brown's uniforms from the late 1990s, and the near mirror-image unis they wore in the aughties after a three-year absence. Well, this is what the Bears wore in the interim. 

This was always a favorite of mine (well, maybe not the all-brown version) and I was sad to see it go. It's simple, uncluttered and classy (well, maybe not the all-brown version). The paw looked nice on the helmets, while the logo used before and after looked dark and mushy from a distance. (The current logo does rule, however.)

The other uniform used brown, white, red and silver, while this one stuck with good ol' brown and white. Nothing to complain about.

Well, except maybe the all-brown version. 

A collection of Brown skeds.

How about some more Brown unis? 2014, 2012-13, 2004-081997-20001984-891975-771967-71.

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