Thursday, July 2, 2015

Boston College Eagles (1958-60)

Starting in the late 1950s and continuing well into the 1970s, college football teams here, there and everywhere slapped numbers on their helmets. Every single school in this project that fielded a team in that era (except for one: can you name it? Answer below) wore numbers on the helmets at one time or another.

The Boston College Eagles were no exception, although they strangely punted on the numbers in '59 before they brought them back in '60. In '61, they were gone again, not to return until the 2012 Wounded Warrior Project uni. (I really need to get that on here some time.)

What is that on the BC helmet? Eagles and fans celebrate
a win over Holy Cross in 1958.

The numbers mysteriously vanish in 1959 against Dartmouth.
This is either from The Heights newspaper or the Dartmouth archives, I forget which.
Everything else is from the Sub Turri. 

Check out the rest of the uniform -- at first glance, it resembles USC with gold helmets. (Don't get any ideas, Trojans; your unis are great as they are.)

The numbers return for '60.

Craving some more BC unis? Look right here: 2014201320071994198419821968-771955-561950-521939Rivalry Week (w/Holy Cross).

And what team never wore numbers on the helmets? Delaware -- of course.

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