Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rhode Island Rams (1967-71)

After wearing navy the last several years, Rhode Island took its 1966 uniform, kept the basic template and changed the shade of blue. As (I think) I've said before, when you think of Rhody, you think of light blue, and any other colors should be kept to a minimum.

This is one my favorite late 60s-early 70s styles. I like the notches in the rams' horns on the helmet, I like the number font -- which deviates from the "Champion" font of slanted 2s and curved 7s so common then -- I like the striped socks and I even like the light blue pants, which are a little lighter than what Columbia, Rhody's Ivy League doppelgänger, was wearing at the time

The 1969 Grist yearbook has some pretty amazing shots of the Rhody
football team. If the folks at cfbdatawarehouse are correct, these pix are from
Oct. 12, 1968, a 52-10 win over Vermont.

Two more shots against UVM, and ... hey! That's an undocumented style
the Catamounts are wearing! I'll add that to the file soon.

Some slight modifications were made in the 1970s (the elimination of sleeve numbers and blue pants and the addition of "Champion" numbers), which we'll get into at another time.

The '69 Rams in action against Temple.
Yes, Rhody once hosted Temple in football.
The Owls were roughly a Yankee Conference-level team then. 
There are more uniforms out there from Rhody: 201420131997-991983-921976-8219661957-611936-39. Rivalry Week: UConn-Rhody.

I've never seen a ram so happy to be wearing ...
whatever it is he's wearing.

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