Monday, July 20, 2015

Penn Quakers (1983-84)

This is basically a slight continuation of Penn's early-80s unis, first mentioned here. In 1983, the Quakers added a blue outline to the red numbers on the road jerseys.  

Penn takes on Columbia (above) and Princeton (top) in 1984.
I really need to post those Columbia unis one of these days.

Call me crazy, and I know they're dated by modern standards, but damn, I miss stripes on sleeves and socks.

Penn, showing its 1982 Ivy League title was no fluke, won the Ancient Eight again in '83 and '84.

More Penn uniforms, old and new, red and blue: 201420131992-941981-821971-78, 1965-661956-641948. Rivalry Week: Cornell-Penn.

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