Monday, September 21, 2015

Boston University Terriers (1990-92)

Another team that added black trim out of nowhere (see our previous post) was the late, great Boston University Terriers, who thankfully didn't add so much that they started resembling the rival Northeastern Huskies. (I've heard NU fans used to chant "where's your football?" at BU fans at hockey games after BU canceled the program in '97. After Northeastern canned football in '09, both sides started chanting "where's your football" at each other.)

This 1992 program shows the 1990 uniform, with the double-outlined numbers
and the terrier head logo on the helmet.

In '90, the "terrier head" logo returned to the helmets after after an absence of a couple years, but the jerseys, which featured those now-dated double-outline numbers, retained the look of the late '80s. The black trim debuted in '91 on the home jerseys and crept onto to the rest of the uniform in '92. By '95, the black trim had vanished.

The '91 uniform is shown on the '92 media guide cover.
Unfortunately, the players have rolled up their sleeves so you can't see the black trim.

The back of the '93 media guide has a nice shot of the back
of the '92 uniform. These pics are all from eBay listings, BTW.

Alas, the team wasn't too hot under coach Dan Allen: 5-7, 4-7 and 3-8. In '93, the helmets went blank ... and the Terriers won the Yankee Conference title and reached the first of two straight NCAA I-AA (FCS) tournaments under Allen. 

Want some more unis from a gone-but-not-forgotten program? Look here: 19971988-891984-871968-70, 1963-64.

This is a neat cover. Those are the '92 uniforms in the picture;
once the season started, the helmets went blank and a Yankee Conference
logo was added to the jersey fronts.

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