Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cornell Big Red (1985-89)

The daring Cornell uniform first introduced by former coach Bob Blackman in 1977 was gradually neutered as the 1980s turned into the '90s. First the "CORNELL" helmets with the funky stripes went bye-bye; in '85 the curved jersey numbers were the next to go. In 1990 the big "CORNELL" across the front vanished and in '91 the wide-striped pants were replaced with, er, different wide-striped pants.

A Cornell kicker attempts a field goal in 1985.
Remember when barefoot kickers were the big fad?
Those feet probably needed some serious icing after the game.

The Cornell home uniform, c. 1986.
So what you see here is a transitional uniform, one of several from the post-Blackman era. The curved "NCAA"-style numbers were replaced with the "Champion" font popular in football from the 1960s until about the mid-90s. Names were added in 1986 -- a rarity for the Ivy League -- and remained until the late '90s.

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I saw this oddity on an eBay listing recently.
It looks like a stripped-down version of the mid-80s jersey.
I suspect it's either a practice jersey,
a sprint football (150-poiunds and under) jersey or both.

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