Thursday, April 30, 2015

Boston University Terriers (1988-89)

From 1984-87 and again from 1990-92, Boston University used this logo on its helmets: 

These are the uniforms the Terriers wore for the two years in the middle, when the Terrier was ditched and the "BU" was supersized. The plain numbers from '84-87 received a double outline, giving the jerseys a sorta-kinda-but-not-quite World League of American Football appearance. 

(Speaking of football on the other side of the pond ... In 1988, BU played Richmond in London and lost, 20-17.)

(Speaking of the World League, Part II ... Remember Helmet Cam? Well, my Black Bears brought it back for spring practice recently.)

In the '90s, the Terrier head logo returned to the helmets, and black was added as an accent color for a few years.

The program's from 1991, but a photo from 1988-89 was used.
The Terrier-head logo was back on the helmets by this time.

Want some more unis from a gone-but-not-forgotten program? Look here: 1997, 1984-87, 1968-70.

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