Monday, April 18, 2016

Brown Bears (1951-56)

These Brown uniforms are all very similar, with some small changes in trim and number font from year to year. From at least the late 1940s (when that Paterno guy played at Brown) through 1958, the Bears had a pretty consistent look: White helmets, brown or white jerseys and tan/gold pants. Nothing spectacular, and it wasn't until 1959 that Brown had a really distinctive uniform.

Brown defenders chase a Princeton runner in this
1953 Daily Princetonian image.

Brown (in, er, brown) defends against Rhode Island in 1954 (Grist yearbook).
That caption cracks me up for some reason.

I think know I've said this elsewhere, but I've always found it odd and fascinating that Brown went from gold to silver as a secondary color, especially since none of Brown's other teams (save men's lacrosse) use those color. Anyway, the tan was dumped after the '58 season. I generally prefer the slightly jazzed-up 1957-58 look (see link above).

Brown puts the squeeze on Princeton in 1956.

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