Monday, November 2, 2015

Brown Bears (1957-58)

I've spent the last few weeks researching the Ivy League uniforms of the 1950s, so I'll be sharing some results over the next couple weeks.

We'll start with Brown, one the Ivies' ne'er-do-wells in the league's early days ... OK, one the league's ne'er-do-wells until Phil Estes became coach in 1998. The Bears have burned through several secondary colors over the years -- gold, silver, red -- and tan was the color of choice in the '50s. The helmets had three stripes separated by white, an unusual look for the period. Also note the use of separate home and road socks to maintain continuity with the jerseys, a nice touch.

A nice shot of the '58 Brown jersey. The striping pattern on the pants
are slightly different from all the game-action pictures I've seen.
This is from Brown's digital collections site.
The '58 roads in action at Princeton. From the Daily Princetonian.

Midway through the '58 season, the helmets sprouted numbers, since that was the fashion fad in college football at the time. In '59 there was a coaching change, and with it, a uniform overhaul.

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