Thursday, August 20, 2015

Brown Bears (1981-83)

Brown's early 1980s helmets are among the oddest in this little project: The Bears slapped the team nickname on the side, but not the one you might think. Instead of the traditional "Bears," Brown used the secondary "Bruins."

This is strange, to say the least. This is like Yale using "Elis" or Princeton using "Old Nassau" or the New York Giants using "Big Blue." Maybe this idea can extend to secondary logos, too, so Dartmouth can put Keggy on the helmets and create the hottest-selling collectible in Ivy League history.

A couple shots of the "Bruins" helmet in action.
The pants striping in the top photo, used from 1982-83, almost
resemble baseball pants from that era.

In '82. the Bears Bruins added names on the jersey, which I believe made them the first Ivy team to so this on a full-time basis. (Penn tried it out for at least one game in 1972.) Please note the graphic above is historically inaccurate: Steve Jordan, who went on to a long, distinguished career as a tight end with the Minnesota Vikings, last played for Brown in '81, before names were used. I just wanted to use a "star" player for the name graphic instead of Bears ... or Bruins ... or Old Bruno.

A good shot of the name on the back. From Rhody's '83 Renaissance yearbook.
The Brown road jersey on display at Columbia in '82.

Call 'em Bears, call 'em Bruins, but there are more Brown unis out there: 2014, 2012-132004-08, 2001-03, 1997-20001984-891975-771967-71.

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