Friday, September 16, 2016

Inside the Jersey: Dartmouth Big Green (1999-2002)

With the Big Green starting up this weekend, let's go Inside the Jersey with this vintage Dartmouth jersey from the turn of the millennium, which seems more like 1,000 years ago these days.

How is was acquired: At an equipment sale in 2012 for a whopping 10 bucks. I bought this and three other Dartmouth football jerseys for $10 each and a game-worn baseball shirt for $25.

Who wore it: WR Evan Fitzpatrick wore No. 25 in 1999, followed by LB Gordon Quist (2000-01) and OL Steven DeMarco (01-02, the Green had two Nos. 25 simultaneously in '01. An offensive lineman wearing a back's number? Who knew?)

Who made it: Wilson, identifiable by the small square logo on the left sleeve. The jerseys with the Wilson tag were made from 1999-2002.

Size: A comfy XL.

Jersey construction: Mesh body, nylon everywhere else.

Design: Clean and simple, with green numbers on the shoulders and Northwestern striping on the sleeves. This was Dartmouth's jersey design from 1987-2002, an eternity by today's standards.

Condition: More hammered than a Dartmouth frat house on a Saturday night. I mean, look at this thing. Tears and rips, stains and stitches; this thing is disintegrating as I touch it. Why is it so beat up? These shirts were recycled for YEARS as jayvee, freshman and practice jerseys. (I'm an editor at the Valley News, Dartmouth's hometown paper, so I've run plenty of practice photos over the years and can attest to this.) No wonder these were $10 each. Hey, at least you know it's been used. 

Yup, this jersey's been through a few battles.

Triviata: This jersey may be battered, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying it and wearing it around town. One day, a guy on a bicycle approached me and said, "Is that a Jets jersey?" My reply: "Nope, Dartmouth." Him: "Oh. I was going to say, that's a tough load to carry." Hey, until the last few years, being a Dartmouth fan was a tough load to carry.

Final verdict: A ripped-to-shreds gamer from an era when Big Green football hit the skids, but still fun to wear. As long as it's not mistaken for a Jets jersey.

Some other unis from the Green Machine: 2015201420132005-062003-04, 1978-861970, 1957-611955-561951-5419441936-38, 1929. Rivalry week: Dartmouth-Princeton.

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