Sunday, February 12, 2017

Columbia Lions (1978-82)

I guess one logo wasn't enough for Columbia in 1981.

In 1978, the Lions added a Detroit Lions-esque logo on the helmets after using blank helmets the previous year,  then replaced it with a block "C" in 1980. (That "C" is almost a dead ringer for what Cornell has worn for the last 30-plus years, BTW.)

Columbia began the '81 season with the "C" ... but in mid-season brought back the lion logo IN ADDITION TO the block "C" that was already there. The result was a fustercluck helmet that resembles something out of a high school all-star game.

The helmets gave the '81 Lions more logos (2) than wins (1), which must be a record for any team with at least one win, at least before teams started changing their helmets on a weekly basis. The only other team I can think of with two simultaneous logos is the Fresno State helmet with the green "V" for the San Joaquin Valley on the back. Despite the color clash, the Bulldogs' helmets are rendered far more tastefully than Columbia's mishmash. 

The 1981 Columbia Lions began the season with just a block "C" on the side of the helmet ....

... but slapped a Detroit Lions-style logo on top of the "C" in mid-season.
Columbia Spectator pics.

In 1982, both logos were declared losers and Columbia went to a script "Columbia" on the side. You can read more about that uniform here and here

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Another shot of the helmet at the end of another long season in NYC.

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