Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Holy Cross Crusaders (1981-85)

The 1980s truly were the best of times and the worst of times for Holy Cross football. On one hand, the Crusaders fielded outstanding teams during the decade, including an undefeated squad in 1987. On the other, there was tragic suicide of coach Rick Carter in 1986 that stunned the campus and college football. Somehow, under the most difficult of circumstances, the Crusaders were able to recover under new coach Mark Duffner and win 9 to 11 games in each of the next six seasons.

The 1981-85 Holy Cross uniform at home (top)
and on the road (above).
Before his death, Carter had turned around a program that had enjoyed just one winning season since 1967, going 35-19-2 from 1981-85, the exact time span of the uniforms presented here. The Carter-era garb, as alluded to in this post on the late-70s unis, bear a passing resemblance to the 1980s New York Jets, especially the big, wide numbers on the shoulders in Champion font. And speaking of Champion, this is the earliest uniform I can find in this project with a manufacturer's logo on the sleeve. Meanwhile, the all-white socks and shoes scream 1980s.

Not that it means anything, but I wonder why the home jersey has only two stripes on the sleeves and the road has three? I'm sure football historians will up around the clock trying to solve that one.

Another shot of the home uniform. Check out the Champion logo on No. 85's sleeve.
This shot sums up the 1980s college football uni in one fell swoop:
High-cut fishnet mesh jersey, slashed sleeves, white socks and white pants.

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