Monday, May 22, 2017

Boston University Terriers (1958-62)

The Boston University uniform was a model of consistency from the late-1940s until 1965: white helmets, red jerseys, white pants, and that was about it. In 1958, the Terriers let their hair down and added white jerseys, helmet numbers and sleeve numbers. 

Boston University (in dark jerseys) chases down a Holy Cross ballcarrier in 1958
in a photo from The Crusader newspaper.
The 1960 Terriers. Notice how some sleeves are cut short, others
are all the way down to the wrists and others are in between.

In 1961, BU made a couple deviations from the tried and true: The helmet numbers moved to the front AND back (sorta-kinda like the New York Giants of yore) and added the school seal on the sides of many (but not all) helmets for the Boston College game, a 10-7 Eagles win.

In '62 the helmet numbers returned to the sides, and a second helmet stripe was added.

A "high flying Terrier" sports the school shield on the helmet
in a 1961 game against Boston College. Photo from the Sub Turri yearbook.

What's might be more interesting than BU's uniforms or the team (no winning record from 1958-64) is the stadium: Nickerson Field, which rose from (some of the) ashes of Braves Field after the baseball team bolted for Milwaukee in 1953. You can read more about the conversion here. Who knew Nickerson Field was named for a guy who helped in the development of the Gillette safety razor? 

The ghosts of old Braves Field is noticeable in the accompanying pictures -- you can even see the outline of the old baseball diamond, which makes me wonder if the BU baseball team played there. (Another shot can be found toward the end of this article. Photos of the 1950s renovation can be found here.)

Boston University/Nickerson Field in 1957.
Note the faint outline of the baseball diamond.

1959. The main grandstand later was torn down and replaced by dorms,
and the field was moved to face the right field stands, from where
this photo was taken. Both pics are from BU's Hub yearbook.
The team is gone, but the memories remain. More BU unis: 19971990-921988-891984-871968-701965-671963-641956-57.

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