Thursday, July 6, 2017

Penn Quakers (1970)

A faithful reader of the blog brought up this uniform and was kind enough to guide me to the Daily Pennsylvanian archives, whose existence had previously eluded me. (Hey, sometimes Google isn't your friend.) This was one of two uniforms (1950 UConn being the other) that were my great white whales in my quest to document every non-NEC team in this project going back to 1950.

The 1970 Quakers wore a fascinating transitional uniform. The home look kept the blue shirt and red helmet of the last few seasons (which I have yet to post -- patience!), but the road jerseys -- which previously had been a mirror image of the homes -- made a return to the striped-sleeve look of yore. The jerseys closely resembled what Penn wore from 1971-80, only without the "PENNSYLVANIA" wordmark that was added upon Harry Gamble's arrival as coach in 1971. This also was the last Penn uniform to use blue home jerseys until 1981.

The "missing" 1970 Penn road uniform comes to light, at last.
Note the striped sleeves. Also note their unusual length for 1970.
Also note the excited cheerleaders in the background.

Another shot of the road uni. Ah the days when stats like 35 pass attempts
and 246 passing yards were considered knockouts ...

Gamble replaced Bob Odell, who was 24-29-1 over six seasons. Odell's final game was on Nov. 21, 1970, a 28-0 loss to Dartmouth in which the Big Green's kicker, despite the four-score lead, ATTEMPTED AN ONSIDE KICK IN THE FOURTH QUARTER. This also was the same season in which Dartmouth ran an end-around against Columbia (scroll down this link for more) with a 41-0 lead. 

If there's one thing I've learned researching for this blog, it's that Dartmouth coach Bob Blackman might be the most hated man in the history of the Ivy League. 

The home jersey cane in two different fonts
(check out the No. 2 in each pic).
These all are from the Daily Pennsylvanian archives.
BONUS: The aforementioned reader also noted that Penn's 1954-55 uniform wore red numbers, not blue. That post has been corrected. Check it out! 

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