Thursday, January 7, 2016

Penn Quakers (1979-80)

Most of today's team logos are carefully designed with the latest computer technology after months of expensive research, with perhaps a focus group or three thrown in.

Penn's 1979-80 helmet logo was not one of those.

What inspired the Quakers to ditch their funky P-in-a-football logo and replace it with an amateur-hour, scrawled "Penn?" If this one was designed with computer technology, it was by an 8-year-old with MS Paint. (Yeah, I know, MS Paint wasn't around then, but work with me here)

Then there's the 1970 home uni. The dark red shirt and navy pants are fine on their own, but never together. It's like mixing the wrong ice cream flavors. (The Quakers went on to revive this look a couple years back.) Calmer heads -- and white pants -- prevailed in 1980.

Penn takes on Princeton in 1979. What i'd give for a color photo
of that home uniform ...

Penn and Princeton again, in 1980.

Finally, the team was awful -- just 1-17 over the two seasons this look was used, and the 1 was against Columbia. Eighty-one saw the arrival of a new coach, new uniforms and, eventually, better football.

The folks at Gameface have copious color pictures of the '79-80 Penn unis here and here, and even have some shots of the Quakers' sprint/lightweight football team -- which had much better unis, I must say.

More Penn uniforms, old and new, red, white and blue (and gray): 201420131992-941983-841981-821971-781965-661956-64, 1954-551948. Rivalry Week: Cornell-Penn.

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