Monday, March 2, 2015

Penn Quakers (1992-94)

With longtime coach Al Bagnoli leaving Penn for Columbia (yeah, when I heard the news, I thought April Fool's Day had arrived a month early, too), I thought we'd take a look at the early uniforms of the Bagnoli years. We'll examine a classic Columbia team (yes, there are a few) later in the week.

In 1992, Bagnoli's first year, Penn ditched the classic "P" helmet logo used since 1981 for a red script "Penn" and debuted new jerseys with a serif "PENNSYLVANIA" across the front - a quasi-nod to the 1970s shirts, which also had the school name featured prominently. Blue pants, last worn in 1980, returned. With some minor modifications, Penn used this style through 2002.

The 1992-93 Penn road uniform in action.

On Nov. 20, 1993, Penn wore an interesting alternate jersey for its season finale against Cornell. The Quakers wore a '70s-style shirt in honor of their 100th meeting with the Big Red. It's a cool shirt that foreshadows the current look, but the '70s weren't exactly glory years in Philly. This is, BTW, the earliest instance I can find of a football team wearing a throwback uniform (the Quakers have the 1993 New York Jets beat by a day). 

Anyway, Penn won, 17-14, to complete a 10-0 season and win another Ivy League title. And hey, you can see the game right here.

A pair of screen shots of the '93 Penn throwback jersey, worn
for the Quakers' 100th meeting with Cornell. Why didn't the Big Red
play along and wear something from the Marinaro years?

The '94 uniform was originally profiled here, but some corrections have been made: The letters and numbers on the roads have changed to red, the college football 125th anniversary logo is enlarged, a fourth combo is added and the stripes on the pants are altered. Otherwise, no changes.

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