Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boston College, Cornell, Penn, Princeton (1994)

Nineteen ninety-four was the 125th anniversary of college football (well, unless you ask Harvard). Four teams in this uniform project - Boston College, Cornell, Penn and Princeton - donned this special patch on the front of their jerseys: 

I believe many teams wore a 125th anniversary decal on the helmets. My Black Bears, by the way, placed a 125th anniversary logo at midfield of rickety old Alumni Field. I wonder if anyone else did that.

No. 16 for Penn was quarterback Mark DeRosa, who went on to a 16-year Major League Baseball career in which he played every position but pitcher, catcher and center field. He hit .268 lifetime with a .340 on-base percentage. 

BC defeated Kansas State in the Aloha Bowl that year; I probably need to get a uniform with the Aloha Bowl patch on here eventually.

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