Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yale Bulldogs (1994, '96)

Upon further review, I left out Yale in my post a few weeks back on teams that wore the college football quasquicentennial patch in 1994. Yale also wore it that year, so here it is!
Also, featured today is Yale’s 1996 uniform, a transitional piece:
  1. It was the last year of legendary coach Carm Cozza, and the last year of the no-outline “Y” on the helmet until 2012;
  2. It was the first year the bulldog logo was worn on the sleeves and pants, and the first year a manufacturer’s logo (Starter) was used. In fact, the ’96 Bulldogs may have been the first team in this project to put the manufacturer’s logo on the front of the jersey (ugh).

The “N.A.” decal was added to the helmet early in the season after the death of Nick Adamo, a former guard and 1995 Yale graduate, in a plane crash in October 1996.

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