Friday, October 17, 2014

Rhode Island Rams (1966)

The Rhode Island Rams have traditionally used light blue as their primary color, but navy has made prominent appearances off and on over the years, too; the Rams have used navy helmets and jerseys since 2011, for example.
From 1962-65, Rhody wore navy helmets with white horns, which were almost a dead ringer for what the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams used from 1964-72. From 1967-92, the Rams sported white helmets with light blue horns and white “notches” in the horns (which had a yellow outline from 1976-92). But in 1966 only, Rhode Island wore white helmets with navy horns:

The above picture is from the 1967 Grist yearbook, which later became the Renaissance yearbook. I wonder what's the story behind the name change? 

The jerseys and pants looked as they had in ’64. Note the uber-thin blue stripes on the pants, the only hint of light blue on the uniforms. Navy blue socks were used on and off.

In ’67, Rhody switched exclusively to light blue and white, and navy was banished to sidelines — not for the last time. 

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