Thursday, March 12, 2015

Boston College Eagles (1950-52)

This is is style first touched upon here last fall. There's not really a lot to say about Boston College's uniforms from 1939 through 1967 -- the Eagles' look went through a very slow evolution while maintaining the classic gold helmets, maroon shirts and pants that serve as their basic template to this day. The tall number font shown here was used into the 1960s.

The 1950 Eagles gather 'round the quarterback.
It appears they're mostly wearing plastic helmets.
These pics are all from the Sub Turri yearbook.

The '50 Eagles in action at old Braves Field, which later became
Boston University's home stadium after the baseball Braves left town
and the stadium was given a facelift.

One other note: As we get into the 1950s, plastic helmet shells slowly replace leather helmets as the headgear of choice. It appears from pictures early '50s-pictures that most of the Eagles wore plastic helmets, but most of the mid-50s pics I've seen show them in leather helmets. Strange. I've chosen to use plastic shells here, but there were some "leatherheads" in this era, too. Also note the striped socks worn for a few games in '51 and never seen again.

The 1951 uniform with the short-lived striped socks.

The '52 Eagles getting the lowdown from the press box.
No. 64 appears to have a leather helmet, while No. 63 goes for the plastic model.
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