Monday, March 30, 2015

UNH Wildcats (1966-67)

On the heels of a winless 1965 season, New Hampshire hired Dartmouth assistant Joe Yukica as its head coach. Yukica quickly turned the Wildcats around, going 2-6 in 1966 and 5-3 in '67, causing the Granite yearbook to comment that students "may even come to realize what a rally should be like. The first one last fall was so poorly attended that the students barely outnumbered the players." (Of course, this was 1967, and students were too busy concerning themselves with evil and social injustice to worry about a little ol' football team.)

The '67 Wildcats had a lot to celebrate about. From the '68 Granite yearbook.

The uniforms underwent some modifications from '65, with helmet numbers moved to the sides from the back. (In '66, the numbers were only on the right side of the helmets.) In fact, the uniform has that Penn State look to it. Guess where Yukica played his college ball? Judging by photos I've seen, the striped socks weren't worn as much as the short, white models.

The above two photos are from the 1967 Granite yearbook, covering the 1966 season.
Notice the numbers on the right side of the helmet only. The '67 Granite, BTW,
offers these little pearls of wisdom: "By 1987, most of our dreams will be shattered"...
"We will be fat, bald, varicose veined and ugly" ...
"Very few of us will enjoy our work."

In '68, Yukica moved on to Boston College, but winning football would stick around for a while. And judging by some the crowds in recent years, even the students came to care about football again.

UNH (in white) tries to stop Vermont in 1966.
From UVM's '67 Ariel yearbook.
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