Thursday, March 19, 2015

UConn Huskies (1957)

This graphic originally appeared in last November's Rivalry Week post, but I thought it deserved its own freestanding page, so here we go!

Although gold has never been part of their official color ensemble, the UConn Huskies wore gold pants almost every season from 1953-63, with blue pants used frequently, too. Why, I'm not sure; unlike Harvard, there was no direct "carryover" from the leatherhead days of khaki-colored pants. UConn last wore tan/khaki in the early 1940s.

UConn and Delaware stand for the coin toss before a 1957 game,
from the 1958 Nutmeg yearbook. Note the red flag in the ref's back pocket.
Yes, I've posted this before. No, I don't care.
This pic is too cool to not post again.

This is what the Huskies wore in 1957, when they went only 5-4-1 overall, but a 3-0-1 record in Yankee Conference play enabled them to share the YC title with Rhode Island (the story of their showdown for the title is recounted here). The crown was the second of five straight for UConn. Six Huskies were named all-conferene, and back Lennie King was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 1958.

Another UConn-Delaware pic from '57 I posted earlier.

UConn takes on Boston University, wearing the alternate blue pants
and striped socks, which were worn only with the blue pants.
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Next week will be "clean-up" week, in which I correct some mistakes made in earlier posts.

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