Monday, April 13, 2015

Boston College Eagles (1955-56)

In honor of the Boston Red Sox' home opener today, let's take a gander at some images of the 1955-56 Boston College Eagles playing at Fenway Park, their on-and-off home for many years, most recently from 1953-56. These are all from the 1956-57 Sub Turri yearbooks.

The concept was better in theory than in execution, at least in the '50s. "Except for the annual Holy Cross fray, attendance rarely exceeded 10,000," according to Reid Oslin's phenomenal book, Boston College Football Vault

Fenway Park, with football players frolicking in the outfield.
So strange, but so cool. From 1955.

More BC action from '55. See the Cities Service sign above the Green Monster?
That was a forerunner of Citgo, I believe.

The uniforms weren't too different from what BC wore in the early '50s, but oddly, it appears more leather instead of plastic helmets were used in the later years.

These are all from the '56 BC-Holy Cross game, a 7-0 Crusader victory.
After the game, Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey told the BC brass to find
another place to play. Seriously.

The Eagles were 5-2-1 in 1955 and 5-4 in '56. Amazingly, five of BC's eight '55 foes -- Brandeis, Detroit, Marquette, Xavier and Boston University -- went on to drop the sport, and a sixth, Villanova, dropped and revived it during the 1980s.

Two more photos of BC at Fenway. That's coach Mike Holovak on the right;
he was 49-29-3 over nine seasons and went on to coach the AFL's Boston Patriots.

After the 1956 season, Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey booted BC out of Fenway, and the Eagles responded by building Alumni Stadium, their current facility, following an enormous fundraising effort. 

But the Eagles will make their triumphant return to Fenway this fall, when they face Notre Dame at America's Most Beloved Ballpark (TM). Can't wait to see the setup for that one!

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