Monday, April 27, 2015

Vermont Catamounts (1964-67)

Today, we return to Vermont, as we slowly meander our way backward through the Catamounts' uniform history. The helmets from the mid-60s are almost identical to the 1968-69 models, only without the gold "V" in the background. The 1964-66 road jerseys were distinctly different from the homes, and had more in common with the early '60s homes (which we'll look at eventually). 

Not the best quality, but they're color photos of Vermont (in white)
and New Hampshire in 1964, from the '65 Granite yearbook.

UVM doesn't have the most glamorous football history, but mid-60s were a very good run for the Catamounts, with a record of 19-5 from 1964-66 and two second-place finishes in the Yankee Conference. The team was led by running back Bob Mitchell, who ran for 1,207 yards in only eight games in 1966 and was named AP Little All-America. You can read more  about his distinguished career here.

Bob Mitchell in action. He was 5-foot-11, 205 pounds, which was bigger than
a few of the linemen of that era. From the '67 UVM Ariel yearbook.

A nice close-up of the '65 home uniform ...
and the coach's monogrammed jacket. From the '66 Ariel.

Mitchell tries to avoid a UNH defender on the road.
From the '68 Granite.
Want more uniforms from the 802? Of course you do! 1970-741968-69.

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