Monday, April 20, 2015

Princeton Tigers (1984-86)

The last time we looked at Princeton, were in 1979-83, when the Tigers used a strange anthropomorphic tiger as a helmet logo. In '84, Princeton's helmets went blank, and stayed that way until 1998. As silly as the running tiger was, it was better than no logo; the helmets here look like they're dying of starvation, they're so desperate for something on there. 

And actually, Princeton hasn't used a helmet logo since. But of course, the Michigan-style striping used since '98 is better than most teams' helmet logos.

The trademark tiger stripes, dating back to the 19th century, were still around, as were 1983's all-white socks, which like the helmets, look naked. 

The mid-80s Princeton uniform, from the Daily Princetonian.
Those socks look like they need ... something.

The road uniform. In the post about the 1979-83 uniforms,
I noted the Tigers were still wearing longish-sleeved shirts.
By the mid-80s, they were finally getting shorter.

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