Monday, June 22, 2015

UNH Wildcats (1938)

The University of New Hampshire has started to put some reeeealy old yearbooks online, which means the discovery of some cool uniforms, such as this one from the 1940 Granite. The 1938 gang wore some interesting helmets: White shells with four blue stripes that divide each helmet into quarters. I imagine they almost resemble a cross from above.

A couple shots of UNH's funky helmets.
These pix are all from the 1940 Granite,
which chronicled the 1938-39 school year.

The rest of the uniform almost looks like Dartmouth's from that era, with blue replacing green. The Wildcats wore two different jerseys, a practice many teams had yet to adopt.

UNH players show off both jerseys.
The Wildcats take the field.
They come out of the same entranceway today!

The '38 Cats were 3-6, and were shut out six times, which means every loss was by shutout. Yup, football was a different game then.

BONUS: The 1966-67 UNH post has been updated with more accurate information, more pix and some downbeat commentary from the '67 Granite. Check it out!

Plenty more Wildcat uniforms where this came from: 20142010-1319981975, 1966-6719501947-48. Rivalry Week: Maine-UNH.

Cowell Stadium in 1938, its third year of operation.
Like Principal Strickland in Back to the Future, it hasn't changed much.

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