Thursday, June 25, 2015

Princeton Tigers (1970-72)

Until 1969, Princeton's helmets were a rock of consistency: The only change made over the previous 25 years or so was the addition of helmet numbers in 1959. But starting in '69, when the Tigers wore the "100" decal on the sides -- for the 100th anniversary of college football's first game, which featured Princeton -- change became a constant.

In '70, Princeton employed its first helmet logo, a series of wavy black lines that shrink gradually as they reach the back of the helmet. I guess those are supposed to be tiger stripes, but they look more like ... well, what do they look like??  

The Princeton home uniform in 1970, a mix of the
traditional and abstract.

The 1971 roads. That number font was starting to look
really old-fashioned by the '70s, but a few teams (Penn, Princeton)
continued to employ them.

The rest of the uniform, with the small jersey numbers, tiger stripes on the sleeves and gray pants, remained traditional. Note how the home jersey front and back uses different number fonts, a rarity. In '73, the helmet stripes added a white outline before Princeton decided to look to the Great White North for its next logo, the second of three Tiger insignias that decade.

At Yale in '72. These pix are all from the Daily Princetonian,
but you knew that already. :)

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